I’ve had a wild year – full of amazing collaborations, challenging assignments and unexpected clients. From massive data visualizations, through automating animated GIF production, visualizing the future of augmented reality, robotics, and gaming – to building a working model of our Solar System, I kept myself busy and entertained with my work.

Looking at the empirical data though – as a freelancer I have spent disproportionate amount of time chasing projects, producing, accounting and networking. The very same time spent on actual project work could easily double my creative output.

It is why I am stoked to announce that as of next week I am joining Seattle’s Blink as their Innovation Director. My role will focus on exploring new and emerging technologies, trends and methods to further expand Blink’s user experience design expertise.

In other words – lots of R&D, innovation and new toys to play with – together with an amazing team of highest caliber professionals, and fantastic company culture.

What does it mean for QubaXR?

Big new things. QubaXR was never a brand, or a studio – but simply my personal identity while working on XR and innovative technologies.

I am going to continue doing so – advancing our understanding of these exciting new mediums and pushing them to new levels. The only difference is that I will not be doing it solo – but instead, with a support of an amazing company I’m proud to call my new home.

For more, check out:
Blink: https://blinkux.com/

Header image by Paweł Czerwiński