Can Virtual Reality make you feel small,insignificant, perhaps even oppressed?You decide.

In my VR work, the subject of scale comes up very frequently. With its 1:1 size relationship, Virtual Reality is closer to architecture than to traditional animation and motion design. Stepping away from realistic proportions presents some really cool experiential opportunities à la Alice or Gulliver.

LTL. (Little) is a small experiment in scale perception. You will find yourself shrunk to a tiny size, surrounded by normal-sized characters… or perhaps you are a normal-sized human, surrounded by giants? It’s all relative.

LTL. was designed to be experienced using a head-mounted display. Viewing it on traditional 2D screen will not yield the proper, immersive effect and should be only treated as a low-fidelity preview.

Swipe left and right through the links below to experience LTL. using a variety of VR-enabled platforms.


For best visual fidelity, download high-quality MP4 of LTL. and watch it on a device and app of your choice. Personally I recommend using either GearVR’s Samsung Milk VR player or in Virtual Desktop when on a computer.

LTL. by QubaXR (4K, Stereo 360, 261MB H.265)
Download from Google Drive

LTL. by QubaXR
(4K, Stereo 360, 261MB H.264)
Download from Google Drive

360° Still

Since LTL. is basically a single scene, there wouldn’t be much sense in showcasing multiple captures as a slideshow. So… here’s a single 360° still: