A behind the scenes look at one ofGoogle's most exciting VR /AR initiatives

Project Tango, an effort to teach mobile devices how to sense the world around them in 3D, has been probably the most impressive undertaking I had the pleasure to be introduced to at Google.

Lead by Johnny Chung Lee, the project took a fairly unorthodox approach to the development of this new technology. Rather than complete secrecy – Google engineers collaborated with research labs and academia, developing both the software as well as the current incarnation of the project – the Tango Tablet.

Created over a course of several months by my team at Autofuss, this film is a tribute to all the amazing minds involved in making Tango a reality. It documents the amazing journey of computer vision and 3D sensing that led to today’s ability to contain all these amazing technologies in a user-oriented mobile device.

Full Credits

Creative Director: Quba Michalski
Director of Photography: Devin Whetstone
Directed by: Quba Michalski, Micah Gendron
Art Director: Yalda Zakeri
Assistant Cameraman: Ian Colon
Producer: Andrew Devansky

Editor: Ian Colon
Post Supervisor and Compositing: Quba Michalski
Motion Design and Titles: Conor Grebel, Peter Clark, Nathaniel Costa
Color grading: Marshall Plante (Ntropic)
Original Music and Sound Engineering: Harald Boysen

Gaffer: Greg Niska
Sound Mixer: Patrick Schaefer
Grip and Lightning Supplies: Tasty Lighting Co.

Gaffer: Doug Ray
Grip: Jesse Fresco
Sound Mixer: Brian Garfield
Assistant Cameraman: Michael Krebs
Grip and Lightning Supplies: Washington Source

Gaffer: Tej Virdi
Grip: Blake Smith
Sound Mixer: Jeremy Sugalski
Grip and Lightning Supplies: Cinelease

Fixer/Production Manager: Regula Begert
Gaffer: Andre Pinkus
Electrician: Viktor Zemeckas
Sound Mixer: Florian Flossmann
Extra Camera Equipment: Eberle Film Equipment
Grip and Lightning Supplies: FTK

Director of Photography: Philip Lima
Assistant Cameraman, Sound Mixer: Donald Eldridge
Grip: Nick Alheit
Grip, Lighting, and Camera Supplies: Impact Media

Camera and Equipment Rental: Chater Camera San Francisco
Camera Equipment Rental: Videofax San Francisco

This video can also be watched at YouTube and Vimeo.

Project Tango: The Journey

A behind the scenes look at one of Google’s most exciting VR/AR initiatives

PremiereJuly 2014Running time3:35Creative DirectorQuba MichalskiDirected byQuba Michalski, Micah GendronCinematographyDevin WhetstoneMusicHerald Boysen

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