About Quba
About Quba

Quba Michalski

Born in Poland, in 1976, Quba is a creative director, XR artist and a humanist. He dedicates his life to exploring emerging technologies and finding new, exciting ways to use them. Whether it’s virtual and augmented reality, robotics, drones, lasers, artificial intelligence, or some top-secret thing he can’t yet talk about, Quba is probably using it to build a new experiences this very moment.

In the past Quba has worked as a Creative Director, Innovation Lead and Technologist at Autofuss, Bot&Dolly, Blink, Google, Imago and his own studio: QubaXR. His most recent engagement was with the Amazon Devices and Services Design Group (DDG), as Senior User Experience Concept Designer.

His professional experience starts with the early days of desktop publishing and follows the evolution of computer-aided design through visual, interactive and motion design, film and visual effects, animation, real-time computer graphics, and most recently – XR. To see a selection of Quba’s flat media projects (works intended to be viewed on a 2D screen) and learn about things I did before Virtual Reality, visit the Quba before XR page.

Quba is inspired by learning new things. Not just technologies — he’s fascinated by culture, science, art, nature — you name it. He considers a day without new knowledge a day wasted. His inspiration and creative process include relaxing nature walks, feeding wild critters that visit his garden, industrial and k-pop music, as well as lots of late-night video game sessions.


This website is a catch-all domain for Quba’s works, experiments and ideas. Originally launched under the umbrella of Quba\VR, the site now incorporates content beyond just virtual and augmented reality – including user experience design, generative art, Experiential physical spaces, and more.

Expressed through theory and practice, art and technology, Quba’s works aim to expand our understanding and fluency in building new generation of content that’s ever more immersive, engaging and exciting.

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Whether you have a question, business proposal or a large sum of money you need assistance transferring out of a third world country, feel free to contact me via quba@qubaxr.com.

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Quba before XR
Before XR, Quba creative directed traditional flat media content designed for 2D screens, as well as interactive and experiential projects.
You can see some of old demo reels and learn more here.
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