Last Friday I’ve officially hung up my blue Amazon badge and ended my tenure with the company. While it lasted only about a year, it’s definitely been a fun, enlightening and productive experience. Looking back at 2022, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Working with Amazon’s Devices Group allowed me to do a few more sprints and projects with some of my long-time collaborators, and to meet a whole bunch of new ones. I’d like to specifically extend many thanks to Gretchen Nash and Chris Seifert who got me to join the team, and to Grant Hinkson with whom I ended up working quite a lot.

I’d also like to wish best of luck to all the old and new friends and colleagues I’ve met along the way – both those who left and ones who stayed.


What’s next for me?

I may decide to lend my expertise to an already established place. Or perhaps I will focus on one of my own ideas that are poking at my brain asking to get out. Start a new venture, maybe? It’s all still in play.

If you’d like to be a part of that next chapter, get in touch – I am always open to new, unexpected options I might not have considered myself.

Badge image generated with AI, since security asked us not to post photographs of the real thing. I kinda wish the real one had a little shield badge though!

battered scratched blue plastic ID badge with a yellow amazon logo and photograph of employee, white email and name text. lanyard on a walnut surface, holographic foil security sticker, shallow depth of field bokeh, 150mm FoV, chromatic aberration retro lens baby --ar 3:2 --v 4